What They Don't Teach You At Lagos Business School

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How I Broke All The Rules And Still Succeeded In Magazine & Newspaper Publishing   

In this book, you will discover--   

* How God Made A Way Where They Thought There Was None   

* The Costly Mistakes That Almost Aborted Their Dream   

* How They Made A Landmark Discovery That cHanged Their Story   

* How They Survived Debilitating Cash Crunches   

* How They Triumph Over Competitors    

* What They Don't Teach At Lagos Business School 
...... And a lot more!!!    

If you desire to succeed in your own business, even when it appears you are out-flanked and out-maneuvered by adversity and hope is dim, buy this book , read it and digest it.   

I guarantee that you will be surprised how it will embolden you not only to face the odds but shatter this area


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