The Seven Laws Of Success

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"If you're really serious about changing your life, then read this contagious book. 
I guarantee that it will turn your life around. 
I did mine!   

The Seven Laws of SUCCESS, written way back in 1961 by Herbert W. Armstrong, is a classic that should rightly take its place along such great books like Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey; Awaken the Giant Within by Anthoney Robbins and Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy.   

When i first read this book in 1974, I was just 24 years old and making a good mess of my life. I was betting on pools and wallowing in debt.   

Then, like a well-formulated detergent, the contents of this book washed me clean and i became sparkling white, so to speak. My life was turned around 360 degrees and i never looked back till this day.   

This book will do exactly the same for you... if you, like me, apply the principles contained therein. That's a guarantee from me. And you can take it to the bank!


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