The Forbidden Sex Secrets
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This is an ebook with secret information on how you can achieve unbelievably good sex for you and your partner.


What will you find in this book?

Including Over 100 Ultimate Sex Positions

If you love foreplay, including during intercourse, you will like position number 42. In this position, the man can caress the neck, back, buttocks of his lady and kiss her lips, continuing to move in her. It will be sensual sex, very gentle and passionate—visually explained (with animation) on page 95.

The “goddess” position is for a real man who is confident and knows how to satisfy his female partner orally. Try this position, which is explained on page 94, and your woman will forever appreciate you.

Check out sex position number 34 on page 89. This position offers the woman the opportunity for G-spot stroking. And for the man, a magnificent view and control of penetration depth.

Sex position number 22 for plus-sized couples. This position allows you to get deeper penetration and hit the G-spot of your woman regardless of her size or yours (everything fully explained on page 50).

You will Learn The Special Penis Movements

These special movements—when you master them—will make you hit all the spots in your woman’s vagina (G-spot, A-spot, O-spot).


On page 99, I have laid out for you the special exercises you will do and get back your manhood control in no time (controlling your premature ejaculation).


On page 101, chapter 6 of this book, you will find the detailed guidelines of how you can solve the problem once and for all.


No drugs, no surgery, no struggle, no easy as breezy,


Follow the guidelines and cure your painful intercourse, continue your sex life and enjoy what nature has gifted you.


Get your copy now and start enjoying your better sex life.


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