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Here are the juicy information you will find inside this course:

1.     How to make people do your bidding using just words - Found in chapter 3

2.     Time travel – change the tides of time and crank up your sales by 60% -Found in chapter 2

3.     How to increase your response rate on whatever you put out as regards your business – works like voodoo - Find it in chapter 9

4.     This one word would guarantee your success when other businesses are struggling you will be busy cashing out too much income – Find it in chapter 29

5.     How to catch people who hold your money and make them give you willingly –Find it in chapter 25

6.     Get into the mind of your customers and see what they think… -Find it in chapter 24

7  This 7-letter word can cost you to lose your business forever - Find it in chapter 13

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