Persuasion Secrets of the Alchemist

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Do you want to learn how to  . . .

- turn a ‘No’ from a stubborn customer to a ‘How do I pay!’?  

- The 100 year old secret that will make anyone interested in what you have to say or sell?  

- A simple tweak in your method of communication with your customers which will skyrocket your sales?  

  - A little piece of information which if used correctly will put you miles ahead of your competitors in the heart of your customer?  

- The secret behind how musicians build a community of raving fans which you can use to build lasting relationships with your customers?  

- A step by step guide on how to build a persuasive message that will convince people to buy your product or do what you want?  

- A cheat sheet of all the emotional triggers which if used correctly will make your customers beg you to take their money?  

  - How to position your product/service as the solution to the problem your potential customer has been dying to have?  

- A breakdown about how to use the right words to easily convince your customers or anybody in fact to do what you want?  

- How to attract the right customers who will buy your product using only your market message?

This book is for you!



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