ENTREPRENEURSHIP SPARK - A Startup Guide for Nigerian Youths

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Entrepreneurship makes the world a better place for us all to live in. As a matter of fact, entrepreneurship is how the world advances economically, technologically and in many ways.

We have covered seventeen modules in this entrepreneurship Guide ranging from the basic aspects of defining entrepreneurship, analysing who an entrepreneur is and why this is an important exercise; we have moved on to x-ray other important aspect of this discourse as well.

This Book can actually set any serious minded fellow on the right track towards building a solid and profitable business venture. You will learn about business planning, sales and markeng, digital markeng, building a team, customer services, records/book keeping and seng internal control measures etc.

Both the total newbie and the already experienced entrepreneurs can glean useful ideas from this Guide to kick-start or scale any business.

You will find here a bonus list of 101 business ideas that you can chose from to kickstart a business immediately.


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